Currently in Lockhaven

Birch The Master of Maps in Lockhaven, an elderly mouse with encyclopedic knowledge of the Territories and unparalleled penmanship.

Haley Artisan brewer of Lockhaven, good-natured and a casual Apiarist.

Gregor Lockhaven’s chief smith and a Guard Captain. Has been reluctant to go on patrols since the birth of his daughter, Nia, who lives with him and his wife in Lockhaven.

Collin Childhood friend of Brand, rumor has it his head for tactics and good sense has him being bred for command. Currently serving as a personal assistant to the Captains in Lockhaven.

Currently in the field.

Jarod mentor to Gavin as “Old Bitterwhiskers” he’s a veteran guardmouse who fought alongside Timothy during the destruction of Goldhome. Recently retired and spends his days fishing off the coast of Port Sumac.

Rupert the Magnificent Mentor to Brand The greatest swordsmouse who ever lived, or so he tells it. He’s now a stout oldfur and no mouse has yet been able to prove him wrong. Currently nursing an injury in Grasslake.

Cali A Guardmouse mentored by Timothy before the destruction of Goldhome. Has some unresolved issues. Currently out on patrol.

Eliot Mentor to Isolde, an experienced pathfinder, was scouting beyond the scent border when Winter came. Current whereabouts unkown.

Virginia Lockhaven’s representative in Darkwater. trained alongside Mackenzie and Greta. Fought during the Black Axe Rebellion.

Sophie A musician and wayfinder. She carries messages between towns and has a habit of turning them into songs halfway.

Other Mice

Augustine Donegan’s wife and mother to his children. Comfortably retired in Ivydale.

Creed Debunked cartographer who resents Isolde’s accomplishments. Most recently has been heard working as a Navigator on a mouse ship.

Millicent a childhood friend of Isolde who lives in Port Sumac as a fisher.

Rees A former Guardmouse who was crippled by the same owl that scarred Content Not Found: null. Currently retired in Elmoss.

Ivan A large frontiermouse who works as a trapper and forager. Lives a bit far from other mice and is perhaps very slightly unhinged. One of the few friends of Content Not Found: null

Jasper Infamous bandit and fugitive from the Guard. Wanted for the murder of Shem’s father. Whereabouts unknown

Greta A former Guardmouse who fought under Midnight during the Black Axe rebellion. Trained alongside Virginia and Mackenzie Whereabouts unknown


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