The Long Patrol

A storm is brewing
Welcome to Darkwater

Mackenzie’s Patrol arrives in Darkwater without much trouble, the way having been carefully mapped by the cartographer Isolde.

Each of the members went off to perform their own duties.

Isolde proceeded to disseminate her maps of the area and check up on local affairs.

Gavin engaged in an ill-considered drinking contest.

Shem and Mackenzie met with numerous ship’s captains, including the capable looking Captain Dominga, of the ship Fishfeather, and Captain Santiago, the lizard captain of a vessel called Carmen.

Lochlan used his knowledge of carpentry to make certain that the town was well prepared for the coming storms, and met with the Guardsmouse Virginia, an old friend and companion of Mackenzie.

Eventually the group reconvened and decided to pay a visit with the local Magistrate to attempt to acquire a writ of passage out of Darkwater. The group manages to convince the magistrate to assist them with insider honey-trade knowledge. All seems well except for the Magistrate’s rather suspicious bodyguard.

Queen's Gambit
A battle for bees

The Patrol led by Mackenzie investigates the town of Wildseed which has suffered greatly during the winter. They don’t have enough seed grain to plant for spring and predators are common in the area.

A mercenary company led by a mouse called Carter has taken up residence in the town and have become the de facto protectors in the Guard’s absence.

The Guardsmice meet up with a Pathfinder from the Guard who was sent to assist them on their journey to Darkwater. Unfortunately a lack of supplies means the trip will be particularly difficult.

While deciding what to do an Aspen Company troop named Emile returns heavily wounded and covered in stings, saying that a hive of bees has been built in a hollow beech nearby. Carter suggests sending out a team to destroy the hive, Gavin suggests perhaps the hive could be a blessing in disguise.

The Guard along with Carter and two of his lieutenants proceed to find the hive and manage to discover it under attack by a swarm of wasps! Gavin organizes the effort to fight the wasps, Lochlan and Shem taking point. After the wasps are fought off the mice use smoke to subdue the bees and harvest a great deal of honey and wax. Gavin manages to capture a Queen and the group makes their triumphant return to Wildseed.

Carter uses the event to assist his position in the town and Wildseed’s attitude towards the Guard is quite improved. Indeed the citizens seem much more willing to assist Guardsmice who come through in the future.

Gavin gives custody of the Queen to the Salt Merchant and it seems the Patrol will be leaving Wildseed much improved, though still under the sway of the Aspen Company.

Freshly stocked with supplies and ready for another journey, the Guard is off on the road to the port city of Darkwater.

Salt and Kestrel
On the road to Wildseed

From Lockhaven Gwendolyn has assigned a Patrol Captain a small group of mice, including a Healer, a Huntsmouse and a young Tenderpaw with great talent. The team is instructed to make their way to the eastern Scent Border by way of Port Sumac.

They are dispatched but the changing seasons make the road treacherous. A detour to Wildseed becomes necessary, where they encounter a wounded Salt Merchant, a trap set by a cunning Kestrel.

The mice do battle with the bird of prey and succeed in bringing the avian to heel, though not without suffering some injury. They take the wounded mouse to Wildseed where they encounter a gruff Swordsmouse who refuses to allow them passage over a bridge unless they pay a toll.

The group manage to negotiate entrance to the town, but they find no friends in the village. Winter was harsh and the Guard was not able to assist them. Finding supplies may prove troublesome…

A Raven at the Door
Brand and Donegan

Guardmice Brand and Donegan set off from Wolfpointe to investigate the damage to the scent border.

They encounter a suspicious raven who questions them about Lockhaven. The Raven manages to trick information regarding Lockhaven from the Guardmouse Brand, and in exchange directs the mice to the hole in the scent border.

There, the pair discover a charred tree has fallen and created a large hole in the border. A blood-trail that enters the Territories is nearby.

It’s unclear what sort of wounded creature has come through, but this will almost certainly attract scavengers and predators if left untended…

Spring 1156
A Fresh Dawn

Winter has broken and Spring is upon the Territories. Patrols of Guardmice have been dispatched from Lockhaven to take stock of the towns and villages, yourself among them.

There is news that the Eastern Scent Border may be compromised. Melting snow and ice has made the roads treacherous and countless beasts and predators stir from their winter sleep.

The weather is bright for now, but dark clouds loom on the horizon, heralding spring rain.


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