The Long Patrol

A storm is brewing

Welcome to Darkwater

Mackenzie’s Patrol arrives in Darkwater without much trouble, the way having been carefully mapped by the cartographer Isolde.

Each of the members went off to perform their own duties.

Isolde proceeded to disseminate her maps of the area and check up on local affairs.

Gavin engaged in an ill-considered drinking contest.

Shem and Mackenzie met with numerous ship’s captains, including the capable looking Captain Dominga, of the ship Fishfeather, and Captain Santiago, the lizard captain of a vessel called Carmen.

Lochlan used his knowledge of carpentry to make certain that the town was well prepared for the coming storms, and met with the Guardsmouse Virginia, an old friend and companion of Mackenzie.

Eventually the group reconvened and decided to pay a visit with the local Magistrate to attempt to acquire a writ of passage out of Darkwater. The group manages to convince the magistrate to assist them with insider honey-trade knowledge. All seems well except for the Magistrate’s rather suspicious bodyguard.


Skyserpent Skyserpent

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